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First Five

The first five sessions offer a gentle introduction to the basic principles of mindfulness through simple and short guided meditation sessions lasting about five minutes each. They offer the opportunities for both adults and children to relax, follow the breath and spend some time in the present.

Brilliant Breathing

The five guided meditation sessions that make up Brilliant Breathing develop the practice further by focussing on how breathing deeply and being aware of the breath can help the mind to be a calmer and more peaceful place. These sessions can be used to follow on from The First Five or as a starting point for children and families that have some prior experience of meditation.

It’s Cool to be Calm

These sessions continue to focus on how an awareness of the breath and the present moment can help us to be calm and peaceful. These sessions are slightly longer and introduces the image of bubbles to begin to provide a clearer understanding of the concepts behind the practice. This is suitable for children and adults with some previous experience of mindfulness/meditation or to those who have completed The First Five package.


Natural Sounds

The Natural Sounds set of guided meditations allows families to practise the skills they have developed to this point against the backdrop of soothing sounds from the natural world and the environment around us. This package is designed to promote an awareness of the present moment and a calm space and time in which to relax, unwind and simply be.

Be Aware Of Your Body

This set of guided meditations goes beyond focussing on the breath and introduces the idea of scanning the body, becoming aware of how each part of the body feels. Once again, using the image of bubbles floating in the air, these sessions begin to look at how a greater awareness of our thoughts allows us to let go of them more easily. This can help promote feelings of relaxation and calm in the mind. These sessions are most suitable for children and adults who have prior experience of meditation.

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