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Thought Bubbles is a mindfulness-based education programme that enables teachers and children club leaders to introduce children to basic mindfulness skills that are gradually developed over the course of the programme.


For children, Thought Bubbles provides them with techniques which help them to relax and begin to learn how to manage thoughts and feelings.

Key Stage 1

  • The programme of 38 sessions builds from focusing upon helping children to become “breathing experts” to awareness of natural surroundings to helping them to recognise how the whole body feels.
  • By the end of the programme Children have developed the basic skills of mindfulness and teachers will be able to move to the Key Stage 2 programme.


Key Stage 2

  • 36 sessions which highlights the benefits of mindfulness upon mental health.
  • These sessions follow on from Key Stage 1 but can also be used with pupils new to the programme.
  • Children meditate alone and in groups in a variety of sessions which make them more aware of thoughts and feelings.
  • Culminating in Positive Thinking sessions in which Teachers develop of the idea of happiness of others to create happier communities.



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