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Why Meditate?

Faced with an increasingly busy and frenetic world, it’s vital our children learn to relax and take care of their mind as well as their body. Meditation can be a valuable lifeskill as we encourage children to thrive and enjoy all the challenges life offers. Click to find out more.

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Chris Ludlow is the thought leader behind Thought Bubbles. Programme author, speaker and passionate believer in the benefits of child meditation

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Customer Feedback

“As both a teacher and parent, Chris is ideally talented to understand the needs of children and how to help them learn, develop and live life to the full. Thought Bubbles’ carefully considered programme draws on Chris’ extensive experience and academic research and makes it accessible to all. You’ll find it fun and rewarding to enjoy with your children in your own home, whilst teaching your children valuable skills for life.”

Danny Gosling

Mindfulness Mediatation and ‘Finding Yourself’

Mindfulness Mediatation and ‘Finding Yourself’

‘Finding yourself’ is a phrase that’s been coined many times over the years. In a world that, for many, has sped up, where people are working longer hours and in which communication through every type of media has expanded, the idea of having the time to...

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A Narrative Exploring the Development of a Mindfulness Programme for Children aged Five to Seven.

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Read the theory behind Thought Bubbles