Mental Health Training

Training and Workshops to improve the wellbeing of you and your workforce.

Wellbeing At Work

Nearly two-thirds of employees say that they have experienced a mental health issue. Our workshops aims to remove the stigma surrounding mental health & to encourage people to ask for help when they need it.

Stress, anxiety, depression and burnout are common issues that can lead to mental health emergencies. Resilience is crucial for coping with challenges both at work and in personal life. Our courses help you protect your employees’ mental wellbeing and safely manage workplace mental health risks.

Our bespoke wellbeing at work courses are designed for people managers and employees, empowering them to navigate today’s modern hybrid working environments and fast-paced society.

Cogito HR wellbeing workshops are unique, creating a level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence generating a ‘skills for life’ mentality. We take employees on a journey of discovery helping them understanding today’s mental health landscape, common conditions, mental health action plans and how to utilise self-help techniques such as building support networks, self-impact and building resilience to allow them to maintain positive wellbeing and understand their levels of emotional regulation.

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First Aid For Mental Health Courses

Independent research and evaluation shows that taking part in a Mental Health First Aid course raises awareness of mental illnesses, encourages early intervention to aid recovery and increases confidence in dealing with mental illnesses and reduces stigma. 

Our courses are fully accredited by the UK’s leading independent training company Nuco that offers specialised training in a range of compliance courses. Our lead instructor is an approved Nuco Instructor, all courses are Ofqual regulated, all awards are certified by First Aid Awards (FAA).

Our Mental Health First Aid Courses can be delivered virtually, however experiencing this training in person is strongly recommended. Cogito HR offers the following accreditations:

  • Level 1/3 Awareness In First Aid For Mental Health (Half Day Course)
  • Level 2/5 First Aid For Mental Health (1 Day Course)
  • Level 2/5 First Aid For Youth Mental Health (1 Day Course)
  • Level 3/6 Supervising First Aid For Mental Health (2 Day Advanced Course)

Kirk Shortland

Mental Health & Wellbeing Lead Instructor

Kirk is a highly experienced nationally accredited mental health instructor, who has over 23 years of professional business services experience, infused with 15 years of operational exposure working on the frontline for the UK’s largest non-Metropolitan Fire & Rescue Service.

He has a strong background in consulting, training and development, business enterprise, recruitment, human resources, and is an expert in mental wellbeing.

Kirk has overcome personal mental health challenges, including a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) diagnosis in 2018. As a result, his training and facilitation style is both motivational and warm, with a dynamic and fluid approach to working with all people and groups, delivering collaborative and enjoyable training programmes. He is a strong communicator, who flourishes when empowering individuals.

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