Why Thought Bubbles?

Thought Bubbles fun and engaging mindfulness sessions create a safe and secure environment for your child to gently explore breathing and relaxation techniques that will stay with them for life.

They’ll learn skills to use and develop as they take on new challenges and opportunities. The programme is aimed to help your child gain confidence, a sense of inner peace and calm, and the ability to take control and embrace life to the full.

Designed for Young People

Designed especially for young children, appropriate to their specific needs, making it more fun and accessible for children and therefore more effective.

Learning & Enjoyment

Appropriate for any stage of the curriculum, and can easily be used to reinforce learning and enjoyment of any topic

Fully Accessible

No prior learning or qualifications required.

24 / 7 Access Online

Online-based, with easy, ongoing access, 24/7

Work at Your Own Pace

No pushyness or pressure, work through the sessions at your own pace.

Flexible Structure

No formal structure to follow, just a range of techniques to explore and develop to suit you and your child/children

Cost Effective

Subscription model spreads cost and requires no upfront investment

Easy Setup for Parents & Guardians

No complicated preparation or set-up required, reducing workload for parents and teachers.

About Chris Ludlow

ThoughtBubbles is designed to provide a gentle introduction to meditation that promotes calm and relaxation. A regular speaker at conferences, Chris also blogs about the subject and has recently taken part in a podcast about meditation for children and families.

How do I get started?

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3. Start Meditating!

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