How To Use Thought Bubbles

The Step by Step Guide to Getting Started

Meditation for children and families in five simple steps.


Find a time when there is time. If you can make it part of your everyday routine that’s great, if not then allow about ten minutes in the day to find that calm space.


Make yourself comfortable. This is really important, it doesn’t really matter what position you’re in as long as you are able to relax. You might find some simple stretches a good way to make your body ready for meditation. Remember to only stretch if you are able to do so without being in any pain.


Find a quiet space. Remember that it doesn’t have to be silent, meditation helps us become more aware of noises that naturally occur in the environment around us, but it is important to find a place that is not going to disturb or distract you.


Finally, don’t expect your mind to be calm immediately. Mindfulness/meditation is a skill that needs to be practised regularly in order to for the mind to become more aware of thoughts and feelings and become a calmer and more relaxed space.


Let yourself relax and enjoy taking some valuable time out of your busy day!

Thank you for choosing ThoughtBubbles!

Enjoy the journey

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