In an increasingly hectic world it is important that children are encouraged to look after their mental wellbeing.

ThoughtBubbles is a mindfulness-based education programme that enables teachers to introduce children to basic mindfulness skills that are gradually developed over the course of the programme. 


For children, ThoughtBubbles provides children with a calm, quiet space in the school day in which they can learn to properly relax and begin to learn how to manage thoughts and feelings.

Key Stage 1

  • The programme of 38 sessions builds from focusing upon helping children to become “breathing experts” to awareness of natural surroundings to helping them to recognise how the whole body feels.
  • By the end of the programme Children have developed the basic skills of mindfulness and teachers will be able to move to the Key Stage 2 programme.


Key Stage 2

  • 36 sessions which highlights the benefits of mindfulness upon mental health.
  • These sessions follow on from Key Stage 1 but can also be used with pupils new to the programme.
  • Children meditate alone and in groups in a variety of sessions which make them more aware of thoughts and feelings.
  • Culminating in Positive Thinking sessions in which Teachers develop of the idea of happiness of others to create happier communities.



Our mindfulness coaching programme is designed by teachers for teachers.

For both Key Stage 1 and 2, we have created a sequential programme based upon academic research which helps Primary School teachers to develop skills from beginner to expert.

About our Founder

Chris Ludlow has worked as a teacher, lecturer and leader in education for nearly two decades. He was introduced to meditation at a challenging time in his life and quickly developed a daily practice and a passion for the subject. Having seen the enormous difference that meditation made to his own life, Chris became interested in developing a programme that introduced families and children to meditation in a way that was simple and easy to access.

ThoughtBubbles began life as an action research project and the basis for Chris’ Masters in Education and has since become an audio programme. ThoughtBubbles is designed to provide a gentle introduction to meditation that promotes calm and relaxation. A regular speaker at conferences, Chris also blogs about the subject and has recently taken part in a podcast about meditation for children and families.

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